Counselling in English
Are you experiencing a difficult phase in your life? Do you need someone to help you clarify its challenges and help you build a plan for how to deal with them? Would you like to discuss these concerns in English? I offer Counselling in English.

As an experienced counsellor/coach, I offer a counselling process in English which takes place in an atmosphere of respect, integrity and strict confidentiality, whether sessions are being paid for by your employer, health insurance, or you.

In collaboration with your counsellor, you will explore your issues and/or your ability to change your situation. The goal of this work together will be to develop a plan to improve your personal situation, step by step. Aided by your counsellor/coach, you will put this plan into action so that you can regain control over your life. In some cases, three sessions will be sufficient to achieve these ends, but usually the counselling/coaching process will require more time.

Intake: free. Per session: € 50,- .

If you are interested and live in or near Leiden, I welcome you to contact me.